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The Sanchez Six Dreamers Coffee & Tea

The Sanchez Six Dreamers Coffee & Tea began as a way to create a more hopeful future for our two youngest children, Joaquin and Sofia, who were born with Down syndrome. Only about 17% of individuals with developmental disabilities are employed… and we believe people of ALL abilities should have the opportunity to work in their community and own their own businesses if they choose. The mission of Dreamers is to increase the employment rate of individuals with disabilities. A portion of each bag of coffee or K Cups sold goes towards hiring and training individuals with physical and developmental disabilities at FAIR wages. Jobs encourage independence and empower peoples' dreams.

With every purchase, you help the dream come true - meaningful jobs for individuals of ALL abilities!

Together, we will make this dream come true.

Thank you for choosing The Sanchez Six Dreamers!


The Sanchez Six

Hector, Jennifer, Diego, Mateo, Joaquin & Sofia

For more information on how to become a dreamer, shoot us an email at

Maskcara Beauty

Maskcara Beauty

The backstory on my makeup brushes and my clutch on Face the Wild!?!? Long story short I got picked up for my adventure 4 hours earlier than I had expected which gave me 15 min to get ready!! Yes I’m a “glamper” and I also love a good shower and some makeup and a blow out but I barely had time to even brush my teeth before I was whisked away! So I grabbed my brushes and my makeup thinking maybe I could get some on at some point but that never happened because it was a nonstop! So hilarious!!! Loved that they captured that!!! Go to my maskcara beauty website if you want to check out those fabulous brushes and the amazing clutch I’m actually giving away this month... .because you know..why not!?
Face the wild

Face the Wild

There’s nothing this inspiring mom won’t do for her kids. Now she’s showing them her adventurous side on Bear Grylls: Face The Wild, only on Facebook Watch.
Be You Tiful

Be You Tiful Love, Sofia

"Poof! Then magic happened, from light inside my heart. They loved me and I learned, I am capable, kind and smart!" How do we inspire our children to know all the ways they can shine in this world, simply by being who they are? BE YOU TIFUL LOVE, SOFIA is the true story of Sofia Sanchez, a little girl with Down syndrome. Talking to you heart to heart, Sofia takes you on her personal journey of dreaming big and never giving up. Gorgeous full color pictures illustrate her path from Eastern European Orphan to All American Girl. Sofia shows us every emotion, from sadness to happiness, loneliness to belonging, feeling fear to being brave. Most of all, she proves that being yourself is the best magic power of all. The perfect book for birthdays, celebrations and any day for inspiration. Because YOU are beautiful! Love, Sofia.
People often say that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder,' and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look, including inside ourselves. Salma Hayek

Our Story

Joaquin, our third son, was an unexpected blessing, he was born with something extra called Down syndrome and that inspired us to adopt Sofia from an orphanage in Ukraine, we fell in love with her from a single image posted on the web. We hope that our story will help open people's eyes to the beauty and gift of all children no matter what color, shape or form they style!