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My name is Sofia and I’m in 4th grade at my local public elementary school Sunset Ranch. I’m fully included in the classroom and I love to read and write in my journal. I use an iPad to type so I can keep up with my classmates. I love all sports including dance and cheer, Spanish class and anything music or theater related!

My story is one made for the movies. I was abandoned at birth and spent the first 14 months of my life in an orphanage in a very small town in Ukraine. My forever mom and dad found me on an adoption ministry website Reese’s Rainbow and came to get me in the Spring of 2010. I wasn’t able to do much before I met my mom and dad, but as soon as I got home to the United States, I began to thrive with the love of my 3 older brothers and loving parents and grandparents.

My mom and dad loved taking pictures of me and before I knew it my career began to take off! I love taking pictures and I’m really good at listening, following direction and I’m super patient. I love people and making friends. I am blessed to have the life I live.

Sofia Sanchez

Physical features

55 lbs.
Down syndrome
Sofia Sanchez


Sofia Sanchez


13 youth
6/7 (varies)
Sofia Sanchez


Feb 21, 2009
May 6, 2010
It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength! Maya Angelou



Down Syndrome Information Alliance Website, Social Media and Print Materials 2010-2014
Dandelion Magazine Feature Story
Step 2 Infantino “Everybody Plays” Campaign Fall 2013
Little Maven by Tori Spelling Holiday Lookbook 2013
International Down Syndrome Coalition Website, Social Media and Print Materials 2014
Freckles and Kitty Spring 2015 Website and Social Media clothing model (Zulily)
Nordstrom Back to School Fall Catalog 2015 model
Changing the Face of Beauty Model and Spokesperson 2015/16
Plaid Buttercup Fall 2015 and Spring/Summer 2016 website and social media model
Matilda Jane Clothing Spring Release 2 Print, Social Media, Website May 2016 model
Family Fun Magazine August 2018 Cover
American Girl Catalog 2018

television | stage | theater

Walking Angels Fashion Show, October 2012 and 2013
Lead in “Gingerbread Girl” at Kindergarten Christmas Play, December 2014
Switched at Birth Season 4, Episode 13
“Between Hope and Fear," Directed by David Paymer, Fall 2015
Fusion Dance Winter Program January 2015 Jazz Dance
“Munchkin” in Wizard of Oz Production at NCDC, Spring 2016
“Messenger” in first grade play Character Matters, Spring 2016
“Lady in Waiting” in If the Shoe Fits at Roseville Eagle Theater Company, Summer 2016
Target “Cat and Jack” Commercial, Achim Lippoth, Summer 2016
Target "White Label Product" Commercial, Summer 2016
Target "Easter-It takes two. 2017" Commercial, Spring 2017
Target "More in Store 2017" Commercial, Fall 2017
Build A Bear "Valentine's Day Give A Gift With Heart" Commercial, Easter 2018
Target Commercial, Easter 2018
Target Commercial, Halloween 2018
Target Commercial, Thanksgiving | Target Holiday 2018

From Orphan to Actress


As a family of six, we’re living a full and busy life with 3 active boys and 1 Ukrainian princess. Our third son, Joaquin, was an unexpected blessing who came to us with a little something extra called Down Syndrome, and he was the inspiration that led us to adopt Sofia. Together, as siblings, Sofia will always have "someone just like her." They are gifts to each other, partners in crime, friends for life, and will continue to build a bond and a very special brother/sister relationship throughout the rest of their lives. - Jennifer and Hector Sanchez

Diversity is the one thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day!
Be yourself! Everyone else is already taken. Oscar Wilde
The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people.

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